Mastering Grocery Shopping with Google Assistant

Are you tired of going to the grocery store and not knowing where to start or what to buy? Do you want to simplify your shopping experience and save time? Look no further, because Google Assistant is here to help you master grocery shopping! Below are some voice command examples that you can use to streamline the process and make shopping a breeze.

#1 Make a shopping list

“Add bread to my shopping list”
“Add apples and oranges to my list”
“Remove tomatoes from my list”
“What’s on my shopping list?”
“Delete everything from my shopping list”

#2 Get recipe suggestions

“What can I make with chicken and rice?”
“Find me a recipe for lasagna”
“Give me a recipe for vegetarian burgers”
“Tell me how to make chocolate chip cookies”

#3 Check inventory

“Do I have milk in my fridge?”
“Check if I have eggs”
“See if I have bread”

#4 Find nearby stores

“Where’s the nearest Walmart?”
“Find a grocery store near me”
“Which supermarket is closest to my location?”

#5 Plan your meals

“What should I cook for dinner tonight?”
“Plan meals for the week”
“Give me ideas for lunch”
“Create a meal plan for the month”

#6 Get deals and discounts

“Are there any sales on chicken breasts?”
“Show me discounts on cereal”
“Are there any coupons for yogurt?”
“What’s on sale at Safeway?”

#7 Calculate expenses

“How much will my groceries cost?”
“Calculate the total of my shopping list”
“Estimate the price of milk, eggs, and cheese”
“How much will three pounds of ground beef cost?”