14 TP-Link Kasa Smart Bulb Commands for Google Assistant

The following commands apply to Kasa Smart Bulb HS110 KIT , HS200 , HS300 , KC200 , HS100 , HS110 , KC120 , HS103 , HS100 KIT , HS105 , and HS107 series. You may use a combination of words from the commands below.

“Hey Google, turn on the light in the (room name)”

“Hey Google, turn off the (device name) in the kitchen.”

“Ok Google, dim the light.”

“Ok Google, brighten the light to (value) percent.”

“Ok Google, set the brightness to 40 percent.”

“Hi Google, set brightness of (device name) to (value) percent.”

“Hi Google, turn off everything.”

“Ok Google, set (device name) to (color temperature name).”

“Ok Google, make (device name) to warm.”

“Ok Google, change the light to (color temperature name).”

“Ok Google, change everything to cool white.”

“Hey Google, turn on (Kasa scene).”

“Hey Google, turn (Kasa scene) on.”

“Hey Google, activate (Kasa scene).”


  • (room name) — The name of the room you defined during the Google Assistant setup.
  • (device name) — The name of your Kasa Smart Bulb you defined during the Google Assistant setup.
  • (value) — Number in percentage, between 1-100 percent.
  • (color temperature name) — You can choose between warm, cool white, candlelight, and bright daylight.
  • (Kasa scene) — A light scene that you created before. Learn how to create Kasa scene.
  • everything — To control all connected devices.