10 Wemo Light Switch Google Assistant Voice Command Examples

Below are some voice command examples you can use with your 10 Wemo Light Switch and Google Assistant.

Turning On and Off Light Switches

“Hey Google, turn on the living room light.”
“Hey Google, turn off the kitchen light.”
“Hey Google, toggle the bedroom light.”

Adjusting Brightness

“Hey Google, set the dining room light to 50%.”
“Hey Google, dim the hallway light to 30%.”
“Hey Google, brighten the office light to 80%.”

Grouping Lights

“Hey Google, turn on all the lights in the house.”
“Hey Google, turn off the upstairs lights.”
“Hey Google, set the mood in the bedroom and bathroom.”

Scheduling and Timers

“Hey Google, schedule the kitchen light to turn on at 7am.”
“Hey Google, set a timer for the living room light to turn off in 30 minutes.”
“Hey Google, turn on the porch light at sunset.”

Setting Scenes

“Hey Google, activate the movie night scene.”
“Hey Google, set the dinner party scene in the dining room.”
“Hey Google, switch to the bedtime scene in the bedroom.”

Voice Assistant Integration

“Hey Google, ask Wemo to turn off all lights.”
“Hey Google, tell Wemo to turn on the kitchen light.”
“Hey Google, talk to Wemo to adjust the brightness of the living room light.”