Mastering Alexa Music Commands for Apple: A Voice Command Example Guide

If you’re an Apple user and an avid music listener, you’ll be glad to know that Alexa can be your personal music assistant. With the help of your Amazon Echo device, you can play, pause, skip songs, and do more with just your voice commands. To help you maximize your Alexa music experience, we’ve compiled a collection of voice command examples you can try. Whether you want to create a playlist, play your favorite album, or just shuffle through different genres of music, we’ve got you covered.

#1 Play, Pause, and Skip

“Play [song/artist/genre]”
“Pause the music”
“Resume the music”
“Stop the music”
“Skip this song”
“Next song”
“Previous song”

#2 Manage Your Queue

“Add this song to the queue”
“Add this album to the queue”
“Remove this song from the queue”
“Clear the queue”
“Show me the queue”

#3 Create Playlists

“Create a new playlist”
“Add this song to [name of playlist]”
“Play [name of playlist] playlist”
“Shuffle [name of playlist] playlist”

#4 Repeat and Shuffle

“Repeat this song”
“Repeat this album”
“Repeat all”
“Shuffle the playlist”
“Shuffle my library”
“Toggle shuffle”

#5 Control Volume and Playback

“Turn up/down the volume”
“Set the volume to [number]”
“Mute the music”
“Unmute the music”
“Fast forward 10 seconds”
“Rewind 10 seconds”

#6 Access Your Library

“Play music from my library”
“Play my recently added songs”
“Play [artist/album] from my library”
“Show me my music library”

#7 Play Music on Multiple Devices

“Play [song/artist] everywhere”
“Play music on [device name]”
“Move the music to [device name]”

#8 Control Specific Music Services

“Play [song/artist/album] on Spotify”
“Play [song/artist/album] on Apple Music”
“Play [song/artist/album] on Pandora”
“Play [song/artist/album] on iHeartRadio”

#9 Misc. Commands

“What song is this?”
“What’s playing right now?”
“Who sings this song?”
“Give me more songs like this”
“Play music for 30 minutes”
“Set a sleep timer for an hour”