Mastering Cortana: Custom Voice Command Examples

Are you looking to take your productivity to the next level with Cortana? Look no further! Below, we have compiled a list of custom voice commands that you can use to streamline your daily tasks. From opening apps to scheduling appointments, these commands will help you become a Cortana pro in no time. So whether you’re a busy professional or just looking to simplify your life, try out these voice commands and see how they can help you save time and increase efficiency.

#1 Basic Commands

“Hey Cortana, what time is it?”
“Hey Cortana, set an alarm for 7:00 AM.”
“Hey Cortana, what’s the weather like?”
“Hey Cortana, what’s the latest news?”
“Hey Cortana, remind me to mail a check tomorrow at noon.”

#2 App Commands

“Hey Cortana, open Microsoft Word.”
“Hey Cortana, open Spotify.”
“Hey Cortana, what’s playing on Netflix?”
“Hey Cortana, show my photos on OneDrive.”
“Hey Cortana, check my email on Outlook.”

#3 Calendar Commands

“Hey Cortana, what’s on my schedule for tomorrow?”
“Hey Cortana, schedule a meeting with John at 2 PM on Wednesday.”
“Hey Cortana, move my 3:00 PM meeting to 4:00 PM.”
“Hey Cortana, set a reminder for my dentist appointment next week.”
“Hey Cortana, cancel my 11:00 AM meeting.”

#4 Navigation Commands

“Hey Cortana, navigate to the nearest gas station.”
“Hey Cortana, how do I get to the airport from here?”
“Hey Cortana, what’s the distance from here to New York City?”
“Hey Cortana, show me the route to the grocery store.”
“Hey Cortana, where is the closest Starbucks?”

#5 Music Commands

“Hey Cortana, play music by Beyonce.”
“Hey Cortana, play my workout playlist.”
“Hey Cortana, skip to the next song.”
“Hey Cortana, pause the music.”
“Hey Cortana, play some jazz music.”

#6 Search Commands

“Hey Cortana, search for recipes for beef stroganoff.”
“Hey Cortana, what are the top vacation spots in Europe?”
“Hey Cortana, find the definition for ‘apoplectic’.”
“Hey Cortana, translate ‘hello’ to French.”
“Hey Cortana, search for ‘best sushi restaurants near me’.”