Ultimate Cortana Commands for Xbox One: A Voice Command Example Guide

Are you looking to take your Xbox One control to the next level? With the Ultimate Cortana commands for Xbox One, you can utilize voice commands to easily navigate your console and access various features. Below, you will find some voice command examples that you can use to enhance your gaming and entertainment experience. Whether you want to pause a game, adjust the volume, or launch an app, Cortana has got you covered. So, sit back, relax, and let your voice do the work as you explore the world of Ultimate Cortana Commands for Xbox One.

#1 Basic Navigation

“Xbox, go to Home”
“Xbox, show menu”
“Xbox, go back”
“Xbox, select”

#2 Game Control

“Xbox, pause”
“Xbox, play”
“Xbox, record that”
“Xbox, take a screenshot”

#3 Entertainment Control

“Xbox, mute”
“Xbox, volume up”
“Xbox, play music”
“Xbox, watch TV”

#4 App Management

“Xbox, launch Netflix”
“Xbox, snap Twitch”
“Xbox, switch to YouTube”
“Xbox, close app”

#5 System Control

“Xbox, turn off”
“Xbox, restart”
“Xbox, sign in”
“Xbox, turn on slow”

#6 Communication

“Xbox, send a message to [friend’s name]”
“Xbox, start a party”
“Xbox, invite [friend’s name] to a game”
“Xbox, send a voice message”

#7 Social Features

“Xbox, share a game clip”
“Xbox, like this game”
“Xbox, invite friends to watch”
“Xbox, join a friend’s game”

#8 Virtual Assistant

“Xbox, what’s the weather like?”
“Xbox, tell me a joke”
“Xbox, set a reminder”
“Xbox, open Cortana settings”