Customize Cortana: Voice Command Examples

Below are some voice command examples you can use to customize Cortana according to your preferences. Cortana is Microsoft’s personal digital assistant and can be personalized based on your needs. With these voice commands, you can customize various aspects of Cortana, such as managing reminders, setting alarms, controlling music playback, and much more.

#1 Reminders

“Set a reminder for [insert date and time] for [insert task].”
“Remind me to [insert task] at [insert time].”
“Cancel my reminder for [insert task].”
“What reminders do I have for today?”
“When is my next reminder?”

#2 Alarms

“Set an alarm for [insert time] with the label [insert label].”
“Turn off my alarm for [insert label].”
“What alarms are set for tomorrow?”

#3 Music

“Play [insert song name] by [insert artist].”
“Pause the music.”
“Skip this song.”
“Volume up/down.”

#4 Searching

“Search for [insert topic or question] on the web.”
“Find [insert person or business name] near me.”
“What’s the weather like today?”
“What’s the latest news?”

#5 Navigation

“Directions to [insert location].”
“Find the nearest gas station.”
“How long to get to [insert location]?”

#6 Calendar

“What’s on my schedule for [insert day]?”
“Add an event to my calendar for [insert date and time] called [insert event name].”
“Cancel my meeting for [insert date and time].”

#7 Cortana customization

“Change my name to [insert name].”
“Turn on/off ‘Hey Cortana.'”
“Teach me your voice.”
“Change Cortana’s accent.”

#8 Productivity

“Send an email to [insert recipient] about [insert subject] saying [insert message].”
“Set a timer for [insert time].”
“Open [insert app name].”

#9 Entertainment

“What’s the latest movie showtimes?”
“Play [insert game name].”
“What’s on TV tonight?”
“Tell me a joke.”

#10 Personalization

“Change my background picture.”
“Show me your notebook.”
“Teach me something new.”
“Add a nickname for me.”