Master Alexa Audiobook Commands: Your Guide to Voice Control

If you’re an avid audiobook listener, you’ll be glad to know that Alexa, Amazon’s cloud-based voice service, can be your new best friend. Alexa is not just a virtual assistant that can check the weather or set a reminder; it can also help you control your audiobook experience. In this article, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive guide to mastering Alexa audiobook commands.

Here are some voice command examples you can use:

#1 Navigation Commands

“Go back a chapter.”
“Go forward ten minutes.”
“Skip ahead.”
“Start the book over.”
“Go to the next chapter.”

#2 Playback Speed Commands

“Increase the speed.”
“Slow down the playback.”
“Switch to 1.5x speed.”
“Pause the audiobook.”
“Resume playback.”

#3 Sleep Timer Commands

“Set a sleep timer for 30 minutes.”
“Stop the audiobook in 45 minutes.”
“Turn off the audiobook after 20 minutes.”
“Pause the audiobook in 10 minutes.”
“Resume playback in 20 minutes.”

#4 Bookmark Commands

“Add a bookmark.”
“Delete the current bookmark.”
“Resume from the last bookmark.”
“Skip to the next bookmark.”
“Play from the beginning of the current chapter.”

#5 Volume Commands

“Turn the volume up to 8.”
“Lower the volume.”
“Mute the audiobook.”
“Unmute the audiobook.”
“Set the volume to 50%.”

#6 Whispersync for Voice Commands

“Switch to the Kindle version.”
“Sync my audiobook progress with the Kindle.”
“Switch back to the audiobook version.”
“Whispersync off.”
“Whispersync on.”