Siri Email Commands: Voice Control at Your Fingertips

Are you tired of typing long emails and wish you could just dictate them to your phone instead? Look no further than Siri Email Commands! With just a few simple voice commands, you can compose, send, reply, and manage your emails hands-free. Below, we’ve listed some examples of the many Siri Email Commands available to you. Give them a try, and see how much easier managing your inbox can be!

#1 Compose

“Compose an email to [contact name]”
“Write an email”
“New email to [contact name]”
“Start an email”

#2 Send

“Send email”
“Send email to [contact name]”
“Email [contact name]”
“Send message”

#3 Reply

“Reply to email”
“Reply to email from [contact name]”
“Respond to email”
“Answer email”

#4 Read

“Read email”
“Read my last email”
“Read email from [contact name]”
“Read my new emails”

#5 Forward

“Forward email to [contact name]”
“Forward this to [contact name]”
“Share this email with [contact name]”
“Send this email to [contact name]”

#6 Delete

“Delete email”
“Delete email from [contact name]”
“Trash this email”
“Remove this email”

#7 Flag

“Flag this email”
“Mark this as important”
“Set this email as a priority”
“Star this email”

#8 Search

“Search email for siri email commands”
“Find email from [contact name]”
“Look for email about [subject]”
“Search inbox for siri email commands”

#9 Schedule

“Schedule a meeting with [contact name]”
“Set up an appointment with [contact name]”
“Add [contact name] to my calendar”
“Create calendar event for [contact name]”