Mastering Alexa TuneIn Radio: Voice Command Examples

Welcome to Mastering Alexa TuneIn Radio: Voice Command Examples! Below are some voice command examples you can use to navigate through TuneIn Radio using your Alexa-enabled device. Whether you want to play a specific radio station, genre, or podcast, these voice commands will help you take full advantage of TuneIn Radio’s functionality with just the sound of your voice.

#1_Playing a Specific Station

“Alexa, play BBC Radio 1 on TuneIn.”
“Alexa, play SiriusXM Hits 1 on TuneIn.”
“Alexa, play Hot 97 on TuneIn.”

#2_Exploring Genres

“Alexa, play country music on TuneIn.”
“Alexa, play jazz radio on TuneIn.”
“Alexa, play electronic music on TuneIn.”

#3_Finding Podcasts

“Alexa, play The Joe Rogan Experience podcast on TuneIn.”
“Alexa, play Crime Junkie podcast on TuneIn.”
“Alexa, play The Daily podcast on TuneIn.”

#4_Changing Playback

“Alexa, pause TuneIn.”
“Alexa, resume TuneIn.”
“Alexa, stop TuneIn.”

#5_Navigating TuneIn Radio

“Alexa, skip to the next station on TuneIn.”
“Alexa, go back on TuneIn.”
“Alexa, play the previous station on TuneIn.”

#6_Adjusting Volume

“Alexa, turn up the volume on TuneIn.”
“Alexa, turn down the volume on TuneIn.”
“Alexa, set TuneIn volume to 50 percent.”

#7_Customizing Favorites

“Alexa, add this station to my favorites on TuneIn.”
“Alexa, remove station from my favorites on TuneIn.”
“Alexa, play my favorite station on TuneIn.”