10 Exciting Alexa Voice Command Examples

Are you looking for some fun and exciting ways to make the most of your Alexa device? Below are 10 exciting Alexa voice command examples that you can use to enhance your experience with this popular virtual assistant. Whether you want to streamline your daily routines or simply entertain yourself, these voice commands will allow you to get the most out of your Alexa-enabled devices.

#1 Fun and Entertainment

“Alexa, tell me a joke”
“Alexa, play Jeopardy”
“Alexa, sing me a song”

#2 Smart Home Control

“Alexa, turn off the living room lights”
“Alexa, set the thermostat to 72 degrees”
“Alexa, lock the front door”

#3 News and Weather

“Alexa, what’s the latest news?”
“Alexa, what’s the weather like today?”
“Alexa, give me a news briefing”

#4 Productivity and Organization

“Alexa, add milk to my shopping list”
“Alexa, set a reminder for 5 PM”
“Alexa, create a new calendar event”

#5 Music and Audio

“Alexa, play my workout playlist”
“Alexa, play the latest episode of the Daily Podcast”
“Alexa, shuffle my music library”

#6 Communication and Messaging

“Alexa, call Mom”
“Alexa, send a message to John”
“Alexa, drop in on the kitchen”

#7 Food and Cooking

“Alexa, find me a recipe for pasta carbonara”
“Alexa, set a timer for 20 minutes”
“Alexa, how many cups are in a quart?”

#8 Health and Wellness

“Alexa, open the 7-minute workout skill”
“Alexa, what’s the best stretch for lower back pain?”
“Alexa, give me a meditation session”

#9 Travel and Transportation

“Alexa, ask Uber to request a ride”
“Alexa, what’s the traffic like on my way to work?”
“Alexa, where’s the nearest gas station?”

#10 Fun and Games

“Alexa, play 20 Questions”
“Alexa, start a game of Would You Rather”
“Alexa, launch The Magic Door”