10 Voice Command Examples for iRobot with Alexa

Are you looking for ways to control your iRobot with Alexa using voice commands? Below are some voice command examples that you can use to effortlessly manage your iRobot through your Alexa device. Whether you want to schedule a cleaning, start or stop the robot, or even find your Roomba, these voice commands will help you make the most out of your smart home cleaning experience.

Cleaning Commands #1

“Alexa, ask Roomba to start cleaning the living room.”
“Alexa, tell Roomba to pause.”
“Alexa, ask Roomba to resume cleaning.”
“Alexa, ask Roomba to stop cleaning.”
“Alexa, tell Roomba to clean the kitchen and dining room.”
“Alexa, ask Roomba to dock.”

Scheduling Commands #2

“Alexa, tell Roomba to schedule a cleaning for 10 am.”
“Alexa, ask Roomba to cancel the cleaning schedule for tomorrow.”
“Alexa, tell Roomba to set a recurring cleaning every Monday at 3 pm.”
“Alexa, ask Roomba when is the next scheduled cleaning.”
“Alexa, tell Roomba to postpone the scheduled cleaning for an hour.”

Status Check Commands #3

“Alexa, ask Roomba where it is.”
“Alexa, tell Roomba to report its battery status.”
“Alexa, ask Roomba if it’s stuck.”
“Alexa, tell Roomba to check if the bin needs to be emptied.”
“Alexa, ask Roomba for the cleaning history.”

Navigation Commands #4

“Alexa, tell Roomba to go back to its starting point.”
“Alexa, ask Roomba to fi”;
“Alexa, tell Roomba to find the home base.”
“Alexa, ask Roomba to stop where it is.”
“Alexa, tell Roomba to go to the bedroom.”

Customization Commands #5

“Alexa, ask Roomba to change its name to Rosie.”
“Alexa, tell Roomba to adjust the cleaning preferences for pet hair.”
“Alexa, ask Roomba to change the cleaning mode to edge cleaning.”
“Alexa, tell Roomba to increase the suction power.”
“Alexa, ask Roomba to update its software.”

Reminder Commands #6

“Alexa, tell Roomba to remind me to empty the bin after cleaning.”
“Alexa, ask Roomba to remind me to replace the filter next month.”
“Alexa, tell Roomba to remind me to replace the brushes in 3 months.”

Interactions with Other Devices Commands #7

“Alexa, tell Roomba to start cleaning when I leave the house.”
“Alexa, ask Roomba to stop cleaning when the doorbell rings.”
“Alexa, tell Roomba to pause when the TV is turned on.”

Notification Commands #8

“Alexa, ask Roomba to notify me when it’s done cleaning.”
“Alexa, tell Roomba to alert me if it’s stuck.”
“Alexa, ask Roomba to send me a notification when the bin is full.”

Entertainment Commands #9

“Alexa, tell Roomba to sing a song while cleaning.”
“Alexa, ask Roomba to tell a joke.”
“Alexa, tell Roomba to play a podcast during cleaning.”

Localization Commands #10

“Alexa, ask Roomba to set the cleaning language to Spanish.”
“Alexa, tell Roomba to use metric units for distance and area.”
“Alexa, ask Roomba to adjust its cleaning behavior for homes with multiple floors.”

With these voice command examples, you can take full advantage of the compatibility between your iRobot and Alexa, making your cleaning routines even more convenient and efficient.