Alexa Xbox Voice Command Examples for Navigation Mode

Below are some voice command examples for navigating your Xbox using Alexa. Try using these commands to navigate through your Xbox with ease.

#1 Basic Navigation

“Xbox, go to Home.”

“Xbox, go to my games and apps.”

“Xbox, go back.”

“Xbox, go forward.”

“Xbox, select.”

#2 Media Controls

“Xbox, pause.”

“Xbox, play.”

“Xbox, stop.”

“Xbox, rewind.”

“Xbox, fast forward.”

#3 App Navigation

“Xbox, launch Netflix.”

“Xbox, open Hulu.”

“Xbox, start YouTube.”

“Xbox, launch Twitch.”

#4 System Navigation

“Xbox, turn off.”

“Xbox, go to settings.”

“Xbox, restart.”

“Xbox, go to sleep.”

#5 Game Navigation

“Xbox, start [game’s name].”

“Xbox, go to Game Pass.”

“Xbox, join party.”

“Xbox, start a new game.”

#6 Voice Commands

“Xbox, what can I say?”

“Xbox, help.”

“Xbox, cancel.”

“Xbox, go to [specific menu].”