Intellilink Voice Command Examples for Siri: Mastering Hands-Free Control

Are you looking to take full advantage of your Intellilink Voice Command system for Siri? In this article, we will provide you with a range of voice command examples to help you master hands-free control. Whether you want to make a call, send a text, or play your favorite music, these commands will help you stay focused on the road while staying connected. Below are some voice command examples you can use to make the most of your Intellilink Voice Command for Siri.

Phone Commands

“Call John Smith”
“Dial 555-1234”
“Send a text to Mom”
“Read my messages”

Music Commands

“Play my driving playlist”
“Shuffle my music”
“Play the album ‘Thriller'”
“Skip this track”

Navigation Commands

“Navigate to the nearest gas station”
“Find me a coffee shop”
“Take me home”
“What’s my next turn?”

Information Commands

“What’s the weather like today?”
“How’s traffic ahead?”
“Who is the president of France?”
“What’s the latest news?”

Reminder Commands

“Remind me to pick up milk”
“Set a reminder for 5 pm”
“Add laundry detergent to my shopping list”
“Delete my 3 pm meeting”

Calendar Commands

“What’s on my schedule for tomorrow?”
“Add a meeting for 2 pm on Thursday”
“Move my dentist appointment to Friday”
“Delete my 10 am appointment”

System Commands

“Turn on Do Not Disturb”
“Adjust my brightness to 50%”
“Open the settings menu”
“Take a screenshot”