Mastering Time: Voice Command Examples for Alexa’s Time-based Functions

Welcome to “Mastering Time: Voice Command Examples for Alexa’s Time-based Functions.” Below are some voice command examples that you can use to make the most of Alexa’s time-related features. Whether you want to set reminders, check the time in different locations, or even set up routines, these commands will help you efficiently manage your time with Alexa. Explore the following voice command examples to simplify your daily tasks and enhance your productivity.

#1: Setting Reminders

“Alexa, set a reminder for [specific time].”
“Remind me to [task] at [specific time].”
“Create a reminder for [date] at [time].”
“Remind me every [day of the week] at [time].”
“Cancel the reminder for [task].”

#2: Setting Alarms

“Set an alarm for [specific time].”
“Wake me up at [specific time].”
“Set an alarm for every [day of the week] at [time].”
“Cancel my alarm for [specific time].”
“Stop the alarm.”

#3: Time Conversion

“What time is it in [city/country]?”
“Convert [specific time] to [city/country].”
“What is the current time in [city/country]?”
“Convert [specific date and time] to [city/country].”

#4: Checking Timers

“Check my timers.”
“Set a [length] timer.”
“Start a timer for [duration].”
“Pause the timer.”
“Stop the timer.”

#5: Daily Routine

“What’s on my schedule for today?”
“What appointments do I have tomorrow?”
“Add [task/event] to my calendar for [date].”
“Remind me to take a break at [time].”
“Delete [task/event] from my calendar.”

#6: Setting up Routines

“Create a new routine.”
“Edit my morning routine.”
“Turn on [specific device] when I say ‘Good Morning.'”
“Play my favorite music when I say ‘Bedtime routine.'”
“Delete my evening routine.”

#7: Countdowns and Stopwatch

“Start a countdown for [duration].”
“Set a 5-minute timer.”
“How much time is left on my countdown?”
“Start the stopwatch.”
“Stop the stopwatch.”

#8: World Clock

“What’s the time difference between [city/country] and [city/country]?”
“Add [city/country] to my world clock.”
“What time is it in multiple time zones?”
“Remove [city/country] from my world clock.”
“Set my default time zone to [city/country].”

#9: Date and Time Specifics

“What’s today’s date?”
“What’s tomorrow’s day of the week?”
“When is [holiday/event] this year?”
“When is the sunrise/sunset today?”
“What time does [store/restaurant] close tonight?”

#10: Notifications and Reminders

“Notify me when it’s time to leave for work.”
“Remind me to take my medication every day at [time].”
“Set a reminder to pay the bills on [specific date].”
“Notify me when it’s time to pick up the kids.”
“Remind me to do laundry every [specific day].”

#11: Timer with Music

“Play music for 20 minutes.”
“Set a timer for 30 minutes and play classical music.”
“Start a 10-minute timer and play my Spotify playlist.”
“Play calming music for 15 minutes.”
“Set a timer for 5 minutes and play my workout playlist.”

#12: Calendar Events

“Add an event to my calendar for [specific date and time].”
“What’s on my calendar for Monday?”
“Delete the event on [specific date and time].”
“Create a new calendar reminder.”
“Move [event/task] to [specific date and time].”

#13: Time-based Skills

“Ask the bus skill when the next bus arrives.”
“Get the latest news headlines from the past hour.”
“Ask the weather skill for the forecast today.”
“Open the meditation app and start a 10-minute session.”
“Ask the recipe skill for cooking time of [dish].”

#14: Setting Time goals

“Set a goal to read for 30 minutes daily.”
“Notify me when I’ve been scrolling social media for 1 hour.”
“Set a timer to limit TV time to 2 hours in the evening.”
“Remind me to take a break from work every 60 minutes.”
“Track how much time I spend on [specific activity].”

#15: Timed Workouts

“Start a 20-minute HIIT workout.”
“Set a timer for a 10-minute stretch session.”
“Start a 30-minute cardio workout.”
“Play my yoga playlist for a 15-minute session.”
“Set an alarm for a 5-minute plank exercise.”

Remember, these are just a few voice command examples to help you harness the time-based functionalities of Alexa. Experiment with different commands and find the ones that best suit your needs. Alexa is here to assist you in managing your time efficiently and simplifying your day-to-day tasks.