24 Alexa Commands for Dog Owners

“Alexa, open puppy jams”

“Alexa, open calm my dog”

“Alexa, play audiobooks for dogs by cesar millan”

“Alexa, open al the dog trainer”

“Alexa, launch al the dog trainer”

“Alexa, ask dog trainer to start a training for bobby”

“Alexa, start dog trainer”

“Alexa, ask dog trainer to keep my dog busy”

“Alexa, open mypetdoc”

“Alexa, play fascinating dog facts”

“Alexa, open stop dog barking”

“Alexa, open relax my dog”

“Alexa, open basic dog training commands”

“Alexa, play dog breed quiz”

“Alexa, start top nineteen dog training tips”

“Alexa, start dog trivia”

“Alexa, tell dog challenge to play a game”

“Alexa, open dog summer safety tips”

“Alexa, launch just answer dog help”

“Alexa, ask furbo to toss a treat”

“Alexa, ask capital pet about adoptions”

“Alexa, ask dog days how old is my large dog born on January 1, 2010”

“Alexa, ask link collar to check today’s activity”

“Alexa, ask purina about golden retrievers”