10 Voice Command Examples for ESPN on Alexa

Below are some voice command examples you can use to navigate through ESPN on Alexa.
“Hear the latest sports news”
“Get the score of the latest game”
“Listen to the analysis of the game”
“Find out the upcoming schedule for a specific team”
“Check the standings in a specific sports league”
“Listen to a specific team’s roster”
“Get updates on player injuries”
“Hear the latest transfer news”
“Listen to live commentary of a game”
“Get updates on fantasy sports players”

#1 News and Scores

“Get the latest headlines”
“Check the score of the NBA game”
“Listen to the top stories in sports”
“Find out the result of the NFL game”
“Get updates on the NBA playoffs”

#2 Team-specific Information

“Hear the latest news about the Los Angeles Lakers”
“Find out the schedule for the New York Yankees”
“Get updates on the Cleveland Browns”
“Listen to the analysis of the Dallas Mavericks game”
“Check the standings for the Boston Red Sox”

#3 Player-specific Information

“Get updates on LeBron James”
“Find out the stats for Tom Brady”
“Listen to news about Cristiano Ronaldo”
“Check the injury status of Kevin Durant”
“Get updates on Patrick Mahomes”

#4 Fantasy Sports

“Hear updates on your fantasy football team”
“Find out the latest fantasy baseball news”
“Check the performance of your fantasy basketball players”
“Get updates on your fantasy soccer team”
“Listen to fantasy hockey analysis”