Mastering Google Assistant: Voice Command Examples for Running PC IFTTT Tasks

Welcome to the world of mastering Google Assistant for running PC IFTTT tasks! Below are some voice command examples that you can use to make your computer tasks easier and more efficient. By simply speaking to Google Assistant, you can control your PC and automate various actions using IFTTT. Try out these commands and start mastering the power of voice control for your PC tasks.

#1 Basic PC Tasks

“Open Chrome browser on my computer.”
“Close all windows on my PC.”
“Minimize all windows on my computer.”
“Take a screenshot on my PC.”

#2 File Management

“Copy file from my desktop to downloads folder on my PC.”
“Rename file on my computer.”
“Delete file on my desktop.”
“Create new folder on my PC.”

#3 System Control

“Restart my computer.”
“Shut down my PC.”
“Put my computer to sleep.”
“Check CPU usage on my computer.”

#4 Internet Control

“Open website on my computer.”
“Set homepage on my Chrome browser.”
“Clear browsing history on my PC.”
“Bookmark page on my browser.”

#5 Email Management

“Compose new email on my PC.”
“Send email to John on my computer.”
“Check inbox on my email.”
“Delete email on my PC.”

#6 Calendar Events

“Schedule meeting for tomorrow on my calendar.”
“Set reminder for event on my computer.”
“Check my calendar for next week.”
“Delete appointment on my schedule.”

#7 Media Control

“Play music on my computer.”
“Pause video on my PC.”
“Increase volume on my computer.”
“Skip to next track on my media player.”

#8 Custom IFTTT Commands

“Run custom script on my PC.”
“Activate IFTTT applet on my computer.”
“Execute workflow on my PC.”
“Trigger automation on my computer.”