Google Assistant Voice Command Examples for Efficient Computer Control

Below are some voice command examples that you can use to efficiently control your computer with Google Assistant. These commands will allow you to seamlessly navigate through various tasks and applications on your computer using just your voice. Whether you need to open an application, create a document, search the web, or manage your files, Google Assistant has got you covered. Try out these voice commands and experience a more convenient way of interacting with your computer.

#1 Opening Applications

“Open [application name].”
“Start [application name].”
“Launch [application name].”

#2 Web Browsing

“Open Google Chrome.”
“Search for [search query] on the web.”
“Go to [website URL].”
“Open a new tab.”
“Close this tab.”
“Bookmark this page.”

#3 Document Creation and Editing

“Create a new document.”
“Open [document name].”
“Edit [document name].”
“Save this document.”
“Print this document.”

#4 File Management

“Open File Explorer.”
“Show my files.”
“Search for [file name].”
“Create a new folder.”
“Move [file/folder name] to [destination].”
“Copy [file/folder name] to [destination].”
“Delete [file/folder name].”

#5 Email Management

“Open Gmail.”
“Compose a new email.”
“Read my emails.”
“Send an email to [recipient name] with subject [subject].”

#6 Media Control

“Play music.”
“Next song.”
“Previous song.”
“Volume up.”
“Volume down.”

#7 System Control

“Take a screenshot.”
“Turn off the computer.”
“Restart the computer.”
“Lock the computer.”
“Log out.”
“Put the computer to sleep.”

#8 Calendar Management

“Open my calendar.”
“Create a new event on [date] at [time] with the title [event].”
“Show me my schedule for [date/day/week/month].”
“Set a reminder for [time] to [task].”

#9 Voice Search

“Search for [query].”
“What is the weather like today?”
“What is the population of [city/country]?”
“Define [word].”
“Translate [phrase] to [language].”

#10 Social Media

“Open Facebook.”
“Post [message] on Twitter.”
“Show me my notifications on Instagram.”
“Upload a photo to Snapchat.”

Remember, these are just a few examples of the voice commands available for efficient computer control using Google Assistant. Explore more possibilities and enhance your productivity by discovering additional voice commands that suit your needs. Command your computer with ease and enjoy the convenience of a hands-free computing experience.