Mastering Google Assistant: Voice Command Examples for Ending Calls

Below are some voice command examples that you can use to master Google Assistant’s ability to end calls. Whether you are on a phone call or a video call, these voice commands will help you easily end your conversation without any hassle. Try out these commands to make your calling experience even more convenient and efficient.

#1 Basic Call Ending Commands

“End the call.”
“Finish the call.”
“I’m done, hang up.”
“Terminate the call.”
“Hang up now.”

#2 Ending Calls without Picking Up Device

“Hey Google, end the call.”
“Google Assistant, hang up.”
“Ok Google, finish the call.”
“Hey Google, terminate the call.”

#3 Ending Specific Call Types

“End the incoming call.”
“Finish this video call.”
“Terminate the ongoing conference call.”
“Hang up the WhatsApp call.”
“Hey Google, end this Skype call.”
“Finish the call on Viber.”

#4 Ending Calls with Time Delay

“End the call in 5 minutes.”
“Finish the call after 10 minutes.”
“Hang up in 30 seconds.”
“Terminate the call in one hour.”
“Hey Google, end the call after a 15-minute countdown.”

#5 Ending Calls with a Notification

“Notify me before ending the call.”
“Hey Google, give me a heads up before finishing this call.”
“Give me a warning before terminating the call.”
“Notify me 5 seconds before hanging up.”

#6 Ending Calls using Assistant on Another Device

“Hey Google, end the call on my phone/device name.”
“Finish the call on my device name.”
“Terminate the call using my other device.”
“Hang up on my phone.”
“Hey Google, end the call on Speaker.”

#7 Special Call-Ending Commands

“Hey Google, drop the call.”
“Drop this call now.”
“Ok Google, stop the call.”
“Hey Google, disconnect the call.”
“Hey Google, finish the call gracefully.”

#8 Ending Calls based on Call Content

“Hey Google, end the call after I finish my story.”
“Finish the call after we finalize the deal.”
“Hang up after I give you the details.”
“Terminate the call after I provide the information.”

#9 Confirming Call Termination

“Are you sure you want to end the call?”
“Confirm ending the call.”
“Ask before hanging up.”
“Hey Google, finish the call – yes or no?”
“Are you sure you want to terminate the call?”

#10 Emergency Call Termination

“End the call, it’s an emergency.”
“Finish the call, it’s an urgent matter.”
“Terminate the call, I need immediate assistance.”
“Hang up, it’s a critical situation.”
“Hey Google, end the call quickly.”

#11 Ending Calls with a Custom Phrase

“Hello Google, end the call.”
“Say goodbye and finish the call.”
“Terminate the call, Google Assistant.”
“Hey Google, hang up now, please.”
“Finish the call by saying ‘goodbye’.”

#12 Ending Calls with Politeness

“Thanks, Google. Finish the call.”
“Please terminate the call.”
“Hey Google, politely end the call.”
“Wrap up the call, please.”
“Finish talking, Google Assistant.”

#13 Ending Calls with a Reminder or Task

“Hey Google, end the call and remind me to buy groceries.”
“Finish the call and add ‘meet Joe at 3 pm’ to my calendar.”
“Terminate the call and set a reminder for tomorrow morning.”
“Hang up and add ‘call mom later’ to my to-do list.”
“Hey Google, end the call and remind me to send the email.”

#14 Ending Calls during Interruptions

“Stop the call, someone is at the door.”
“Finish the call, my cooking is burning.”
“Hang up, there’s an incoming call.”
“End the call, I need to pick up another call.”
“Terminate the call, my boss just walked in.”