Create Custom Google Assistant Commands: Voice Command Examples

Below are some voice command examples to help you create custom commands for your Google Assistant. With the help of these examples, you can add more functionality to your Assistant and make it work according to your specific needs. These commands are easy to set up and can save you time and effort in performing routine tasks. So, without further ado, here are some voice command examples for Create Custom Google Assistant commands.

#1 Basic Commands

“Turn on/off Wi-Fi”
“Play music”
“Set an alarm for 7 am”
“Add milk to my shopping list”
“Read me the news”
“What’s the weather like today?”
“What time is it?”
“What’s the date today?”

#2 Device Control Commands

“Turn on/off TV”
“Change the channel to 26”
“Increase/decrease the volume”
“Switch to HDMI 1”
“Turn on/off the lights”
“Set the thermostat to 75 degrees”
“Open/close the garage door”
“Lock/unlock the front door”

#3 Social Media Commands

“Tweet ‘Hello world'”
“Post on Facebook ‘I just had the best coffee ever!'”
“Send a direct message to John on Twitter”
“Update my LinkedIn status”
“Publish a story on Instagram”

#4 Navigation Commands

“Find me the nearest pizza place”
“Get me directions to the movie theater”
“Navigate to home”
“What’s the traffic like on my route?”
“How long will it take to get to work?”

#5 Reminder Commands

“Remind me to buy flowers on Friday”
“Create a reminder for my dentist appointment on July 15th”
“Set a reminder to call mom tomorrow”
“Remember to take out the trash at 6 PM”
“Notify me to water my plants every Monday at 4 PM”

#6 Smart Home Commands

“Turn on/off the coffee machine”
“Set the temperature to 70 degrees”
“Start the dishwasher”
“Vacuum the living room”
“Water the plants for 10 seconds”

#7 Entertainment Commands

“Play the latest episode of ‘The Office'”
“Watch ‘The Godfather'”
“Tell me a joke”
“Sing me a song”
“Recommend a good book”

#8 Communication Commands

“Call John”
“Send a message to Anna”
“Read my last message from Sarah”
“Answer the phone”
“Start a video call with mom”

#9 Translation Commands

“Translate ‘hello’ to Spanish”
“What does ‘Bonjour’ mean in English?”
“How do you say ‘Thank You’ in Italian?”
“Can you translate this word for me?”

#10 Productivity Commands

“Set a timer for 20 minutes”
“Check my schedule for today”
“Remind me to take a break every hour”
“Send an email to my boss”
“Create a new note”

#11 Shopping Commands

“Add bananas to the shopping list”
“Order toilet paper from Amazon”
“Check the price of iPhone 13 on Best Buy”
“Track my FedEx package”

#12 Finance Commands

“What’s the stock price of Tesla?”
“How much is 1 Bitcoin worth?”
“Convert 50 dollars to Euro”
“How much is my Amazon stock worth?”

#13 Sports Commands

“What’s the score of the Lakers game?”
“Who won the Super Bowl last year?”
“Tell me the Premier League standings”
“What’s the next game for the Boston Red Sox?”

#14 Education Commands

“What’s the square root of 324?”
“What’s the capital of France?”
“When was the Declaration of Independence signed?”
“How many elements are in the periodic table?”
“What’s the formula for calculating the area of a circle?”

#15 Fun Commands

“Tell me a riddle”
“Sing me a nursery rhyme”
“Play a game”
“Recite a poem”
“What’s your favorite color?”