Siri Commands for Apple TV: Voice Control Examples

If you own an Apple TV, you’re probably already familiar with Siri commands. The virtual assistant allows you to control your TV with your voice, making it easier than ever to navigate your favorite shows and movies. Below are some voice command examples that you can use to get the most out of your Apple TV experience. Try them out and see how Siri can help you take control of your TV.

#1 Basic TV Commands

“Turn on/off TV”
“Open Apple TV app”
“Go to Home Screen”
“Show me the menu”
“Show me my TV shows”
“Show me my movies”
“Play TV show”
“Play movie”
“Stop playback”

#2 Navigating Apple TV

“Channel up/down”
“Scroll down/up”
“Scroll left/right”
“Go back/previous”
“Select/choose this”
“Open settings”
“Turn on closed captions”
“Turn off closed captions”
“Change language to Spanish/English/French”

#3 Siri Integration

“Search for comedy movies with Tom Hanks”
“Find romantic comedies from the 90s”
“Show me the latest episodes of Game of Thrones”
“Play music”
“Add this song to my playlist”
“Skip song”
“Play station on Apple Music”
“Rate this song 5 stars”
“Play my radio station”

#4 TV Control with HomeKit

“Turn off living room lights”
“Dim the lights to 50 percent”
“Set the thermostat to 72 degrees”
“Turn on the fan”
“Stop the ceiling fan”
“Close the blinds”
“Open the curtains”

#5 Siri Shortcuts on Apple TV

“Watch the news” (launches a specific news app)
“Check the weather”
“Play some meditation music”
“Tell me a joke”
“Where is my iPhone”
“Find my iPad”
“Play the latest episode of my favorite podcast”
“Open the Home app”
“Remind me to turn off the lights”