25 Google Assistant Video Commands: Mastering Voice Control

Below are some voice command examples that you can use to improve your experience with Google Assistant Video Commands. By mastering these voice controls, you can easily navigate through your favorite shows, movies, and videos without having to reach for a remote or touch your device’s screen. Here are 25 commands that you can try:

#1 Controlling Playback and Volume

“Pause Video.”
“Play Video.”
“Stop Video.”
“Next Episode.”
“Previous Episode.”
“Resume playing Video.”
“Restart Video.”
“Turn it up.”
“Turn it down.”
“Mute Volume.”

#2 Searching for Content

“Find Documentary.”
“Search for movies.”
“Search TV shows.”
“Search videos.”
“Show me recent movies.”
“Show me new releases.”
“Search Crime Thriller.”

#3 Interacting with Your TV

“Turn off TV.”
“Turn on TV.”
“Switch to HDMI2.”
“Show me menu options.”
“Go to HD channels.”
“Go to channel 7 on Comcast.”

#4 Accessing Video Information

“Cast info.”
“Who plays the lead actor?”
“What’s the movie’s IMDb rating?”
“What’s the director’s name?”
“What’s the plot of this movie?”
“What’s the movie’s release date?”
“What’s the duration of the video?”

#5 Asking Google Assistant for Help

“What can you do?”
“Can you recommend a good movie?”
“How do I pause a video?”
“How do I turn up the volume?”
“How do I find TV shows?”