Google Assistant Voice Commands for Lyrica: A Comprehensive List

Below are some examples of voice commands you can use with Google Assistant to interact with Lyrica. Whether you want to search for a specific piece of music, create playlists, or control playback, these commands will help you navigate Lyrica’s features hands-free.

#1 Playback Control

“Siri, play my Liked Songs on Lyrica.”
“Hey Google, skip this song on Lyrica.”
“Okay Google, pause Lyrica.”
“Hey Google, shuffle my Lyrica playlist.”

#2 Music Search

“Hey Google, play the latest album by Taylor Swift on Lyrica.”
“Siri, search for rock music on Lyrica.”
“Okay Google, play the top hits on Lyrica.”

#3 Playlist Management

“Hey Google, create a new playlist on Lyrica.”
“Okay Google, add this song to my workout playlist on Lyrica.”
“Siri, remove this song from my driving playlist on Lyrica.”

#4 Lyrica Settings

“Hey Google, increase the volume on Lyrica.”
“Okay Google, set the equalizer to rock on Lyrica.”
“Siri, change the playback device for Lyrica.”

#5 Music Control

“Hey Google, play the next track on Lyrica.”
“Okay Google, repeat this song on Lyrica.”
“Siri, play music by genre on Lyrica.”