10 Handy Google Assistant Voice Commands to Power Down Your Phone

Here are 10 handy Google Assistant voice commands that can help you power down your phone with ease. Whether you’re in a rush or just want to use the power of your voice to perform this task, these commands can save you time and effort. Below are some voice command examples you can use to control your phone with Google Assistant.

#1 Basic Power Down Commands

“Turn off my phone.”
“Shut down my device.”
“Power off my phone, please.”

#2 Scheduled Power Down Commands

“Schedule my phone to turn off at 10 PM.”
“Set a power down time for 9 PM tonight.”
“Hey Google, power down my device at 7 o’clock.”

#3 Battery Saving Power Down Commands

“Put my phone in power saving mode.”
“Turn on battery saver mode.”
“Activate low power mode on my device.”

#4 Voice-Activated Power Down Commands

“Hey Google, shut off my phone.”
“Voice command to power off my device.”
“Turn off my phone with Google Assistant.”

#5 Hands-Free Power Down Commands

“Hey Google, can you turn off my phone?”
“Google Assistant, power down my device.”
“Okay Google, shut down my phone.”

#6 Sleep Mode Power Down Commands

“Put my phone in sleep mode.”
“Activate sleep feature on my device.”
“Google, can you put my phone to sleep?”

#7 Quiet Hours Power Down Commands

“Enable quiet time on my phone.”
“Set my device to silent mode.”
“Activate do not disturb on my phone.”

#8 Automatic Power Down Commands

“Automatically power off my phone at 11 PM.”
“Set my device to shut down at a specific time.”
“Hey Google, can you turn off my phone at midnight?”

#9 Emergency Power Down Commands

“Hey Google, emergency power off my device.”
“Voice command to shut down my phone in case of emergency.”
“Activate emergency power down on my phone.”

#10 Confirmation Power Down Commands

“Confirm powering down my phone.”
“Are you sure you want to shut off your phone?”
“Ask Google Assistant for confirmation before powering off my device.”