10 Google Assistant Voice Commands to Raise Volume Easily

Are you struggling to find the right voice commands to easily raise the volume on your Google Assistant? Look no further! Below are some examples of voice commands you can use to adjust the volume effortlessly. Whether you’re listening to music, watching videos, or simply need to increase the volume of your device, these commands will come in handy.

Basic Volume Control Commands

“Hey Google, increase volume”
“Hey Google, raise the volume”
“Hey Google, turn up the volume”
“Hey Google, make it louder”

Specific Volume Adjustments

“Hey Google, increase volume to 70%”
“Hey Google, set volume to maximum”
“Hey Google, raise media volume”
“Hey Google, turn up the ringtone volume”

Volume Control for Specific Apps

“Hey Google, increase YouTube volume”
“Hey Google, raise Spotify volume”
“Hey Google, turn up Netflix volume”
“Hey Google, make Pandora louder”

Volume Adjustment for Specific Devices

“Hey Google, increase Chromecast volume”
“Hey Google, raise Nest Mini volume”
“Hey Google, turn up Smart TV volume”
“Hey Google, make Google Home louder”

Volume Control for Multiple Devices

“Hey Google, increase volume on all devices”
“Hey Google, raise volume on every connected speaker”
“Hey Google, turn up volume on all Chromecasts”
“Hey Google, make every device louder”

Scheduled Volume Adjustments

“Hey Google, increase volume at 7:00 AM”
“Hey Google, raise volume at 5:00 PM”
“Hey Google, turn up volume every morning”
“Hey Google, make it louder in the evening”