Ultimate JuiceBox: Top Alexa Voice Commands for JuiceBox

Looking for the top Alexa voice commands for your JuiceBox? Look no further! Below are some examples of voice commands you can use to get the most out of your Ultimate JuiceBox. Whether you want to check the battery status, schedule charging times, or start a charging session, these voice commands will make your experience with JuiceBox even more convenient and enjoyable. Just say the command, sit back, and let Alexa take care of the rest!

#1: Checking Battery Status

“Alexa, ask JuiceBox for the battery status.”
“Alexa, how much charge does my JuiceBox have?”
“Alexa, is my JuiceBox fully charged?”

#2: Scheduling Charging Times

“Alexa, schedule my JuiceBox to start charging at 10 PM.”
“Alexa, set a charging schedule for my JuiceBox on weekdays.”
“Alexa, what is my current charging schedule for JuiceBox?”

#3: Starting a Charging Session

“Alexa, start charging my JuiceBox.”
“Alexa, begin charging my car with JuiceBox.”
“Alexa, initiate a charging session on my JuiceBox.”

#4: Adjusting Charging Preferences

“Alexa, change the charging power level on my JuiceBox to 80%.”
“Alexa, set the charging time limit for my JuiceBox to 8 hours.”
“Alexa, adjust the charging current on my JuiceBox.”

#5: Monitoring Charging Progress

“Alexa, how long until my JuiceBox finishes charging?”
“Alexa, what is the estimated time remaining for my JuiceBox to charge?”
“Alexa, check the status of my current charging session with JuiceBox.”

#6: Cancelling Charging Session

“Alexa, stop charging my JuiceBox.”
“Alexa, cancel the current charging session on my JuiceBox.”
“Alexa, halt the charging process on my JuiceBox.”

#7: Setting reminders

“Alexa, remind me to unplug my JuiceBox at 9 AM.”
“Alexa, set a reminder to check my JuiceBox charging status at 3 PM.”
“Alexa, create a reminder for my JuiceBox maintenance at the end of the month.”