28 Google Assistant Commands for Hive

Hive has a lot of smart home products that can be connected with Google Home. To get the ability to control Hive products using Google Assistant, make sure you have “Send to device” on the Hive Google Assistant page. After that, check out the following commands below!


“Ok Google, turn on the thermostat.”

“Ok Google, turn off the thermostat”

“Ok Google, turn on the thermostat on the living room.”

“Ok Google, turn off (thermostat name).”

“Ok Google, set thermostat to 68 degrees”

“Hi Google, turn up the temperature.”

“Hi Google, turn down the temperature.”

“Hi Google, increase temperature by 4 degrees.”

“Hi Google, lower the temperature by 6 degrees.”

“Hey Google, what is the temperature in the bedroom?

“Hey Google, what is the downstairs temperature is set to?

“Hey Google, what is the temperature here?”

“Hey Google, turn the cooling on.”

“Hey Google, turn the heating off.”


“Ok Google, turn on the light.”

“Ok Google, switch on the light.”

“Ok Google, turn off the light.”

“Ok Google, switch off the light.”

“Ok Google, turn the garden light off.”

“Ok Google, turn on (light name).”

“Hi Google, brighten the light.”

“Hi Google, dim the light.”

“Hi Google, change the light color to yellow.”

“Hi Google, change the kitchen light to white.”

“Hey Google, is the lights on in David’s room?”


“Ok Google, turn on the TV.”

“Ok Google, turn off the coffee machine.”

“Ok Google, switch on the (device name).”