Ultimate Guide: Alexa Commands for Roku Streaming Devices

Are you looking to make the most out of your Roku streaming device with Alexa voice commands? Look no further! Below are some examples of voice commands that you can use to control your Roku device hands-free. Whether you want to launch a specific app, search for your favorite movie, or adjust the volume, Alexa commands can help you navigate your Roku device with ease. Try out these commands and enhance your streaming experience today!

#Basic Navigation

“Open Roku”
“Go to Home screen”
“Scroll up”
“Go back”
“Return home”

#Playback Control

“Fast forward”
“Next episode”
“Previous episode”

#Voice Search

“Search for [movie/TV show]”
“Find [actor/director]”
“Show me comedies”
“Explore horror movies”
“Tell me about latest releases”
“Find documentaries”

#Volume Control

“Turn up the volume”
“Volume up”
“Turn down the volume”
“Volume down”

#App Control

“Launch Netflix”
“Open Hulu”
“Start Amazon Prime Video”
“Launch Disney+”
“Open YouTube”
“Start Spotify”


“Turn on captions”
“Change display settings”
“Adjust audio settings”
“Reset Roku”
“Connect to Wi-Fi”
“Check for updates”