Siri CarPlay Maps: Your Ultimate Guide to Voice Commands

Are you looking to maximize your experience with Siri through CarPlay Maps? Look no further than this ultimate guide to voice commands. Below, you will find a variety of voice command examples that will help you navigate, find locations, and make the most out of your CarPlay Maps experience.

#1 Navigation Commands

“Take me home.”
“Find the nearest gas station.”
“Get directions to the nearest coffee shop.”
“Show me the fastest route to work.”
“Navigate to the nearest shopping mall.”

#2 Location Search Commands

“Find Italian restaurants near me.”
“Show me museums in this area.”
“Locate the closest pharmacy.”
“Search for parks nearby.”
“Find hotels in the city center.”

#3 Traffic Information Commands

“What is the traffic like on my route?”
“Are there any accidents ahead?”
“Show me the traffic on the highway.”
“Find an alternate route.”
“Is there a road closure on my way?”

#4 Point of Interest Commands

“Find a popular tourist attraction.”
“Locate the nearest movie theater.”
“Show me parks and recreation areas.”
“Find a shopping center.”
“What restaurants are nearby?”

#5 General Commands

“Zoom in on the map.”
“Zoom out on the map.”
“Show me my current location.”
“What is the weather like at my destination?”
“Cancel navigation.”