Ultimate Google Assistant Voice Commands for YouTube TV: Boost your Viewing Experience!

Welcome to the world of Ultimate Google Assistant voice commands for YouTube TV, where you can enhance your viewing experience like never before! With the power of voice commands, you can easily navigate through YouTube TV, search for your favorite shows and movies, access personalized recommendations, and control playback, all without lifting a finger. Below, you’ll find a compilation of 33-150 voice command examples that will take your YouTube TV experience to a whole new level. So sit back, relax, and let your voice be the remote control.

#1 General Navigation

“Open YouTube TV”
“Go to Home”
“Show me my Library”
“Browse live channels”
“Navigate to Sports”
“Go back”
“Show me the recently watched”
“Skip forward 30 seconds”
“Rewind 1 minute”
“Resume playback”
“Play from the beginning”
“Fast forward 2 minutes”
“Volume up”
“Volume down”
“Mute the audio”

#2 Search and Explore

“Search for ‘The Office'”
“Find action movies”
“Discover cooking shows”
“Explore news channels”
“Search for funny videos”
“Find movies starring Tom Hanks”
“Show me trending videos”
“Search for ‘How to fix a leaky faucet'”
“Find documentaries about wildlife”
“Explore popular TV shows”
“Search for music videos”
“Find live sports events”

#3 Personalization

“Recommend me a new movie”
“Play my Watch Later playlist”
“Show me my subscriptions”
“Play my liked videos”
“Record all episodes of ‘Friends'”
“Recommend sci-fi TV shows”
“Show me recently uploaded videos”
“Play recommended news videos”
“Find new comedy specials”
“Show me recommended kids’ content”
“Explore trending music videos”

#4 Channel and Program specific

“Watch ESPN”
“Show me HBO on-demand”
“Go to Fox News”
“Play ‘The Big Bang Theory'”
“Find me live NBA games”
“Watch ‘Game of Thrones'”
“Show me episodes of ‘Friends'”
“Go to Cartoon Network”
“Play CNN”
“Find ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon'”
“Watch HGTV”
“Go to Comedy Central”

#5 Playlists and Recommendations

“Play my favorite videos playlist”
“Add this video to my ‘Cooking’ playlist”
“Show me similar videos”
“Create a new playlist”
“Remove this video from my playlist”
“Play recommended cooking shows”
“Find cat videos playlist”
“Recommend me fitness videos”
“Create a workout playlist”
“Show me related DIY videos”
“Add this song to my workout playlist”

#6 Live TV and DVR Controls

“Tune in to ESPN”
“Switch to CNN”
“Record this show”
“Schedule recording for ‘The Voice'”
“Skip to the next channel”
“Change to Cartoon Network”
“Make the video full-screen”
“Record the entire series”
“Go to channel 123”
“Play the previous channel”
“Browse the TV guide”
“Switch to full-screen mode”

Remember, these are just a fraction of the countless voice commands you can use with Ultimate Google Assistant Voice Commands for YouTube TV. Start exploring and make the most out of your YouTube TV experience effortlessly. Enjoy your viewing adventure!