Top Alexa Voice Command Examples for Hopper: Simplify Your TV Experience

Are you looking to simplify your TV experience with the Hopper device? Alexa voice commands make it easy to control your TV without even having to pick up a remote. Below are some top Alexa voice command examples for Hopper, so you can make the most of your TV experience.

Channel Control

“Alexa, tune to ESPN”
“Alexa, change the channel to CNN”
“Alexa, go to channel 205”

Playback Control

“Alexa, play the next episode”
“Alexa, pause the TV”
“Alexa, rewind 30 seconds”
“Alexa, fast forward 10 minutes”

Search and Discovery

“Alexa, search for comedy movies”
“Alexa, find shows with Kevin Hart”
“Alexa, what’s on HBO tonight?”
“Alexa, show me popular TV series”

DVR Management

“Alexa, record this show”
“Alexa, delete the last recording”
“Alexa, show me my recordings”
“Alexa, schedule a recording for tomorrow”

Volume Control

“Alexa, turn the volume up”
“Alexa, mute the TV”
“Alexa, set the volume to 50%”

General Control

“Alexa, turn on the TV”
“Alexa, turn off the TV”
“Alexa, show the TV guide”
“Alexa, open the menu”

With these top Alexa voice command examples for Hopper, you can easily navigate your TV experience with just your voice. Enjoy the convenience and simplicity of controlling your Hopper device with Alexa.