Ultimate Alexa TiVo Commands Cheat Sheet

Below is a comprehensive list of voice command examples you can use with your Ultimate Alexa TiVo Commands Cheat Sheet to take your TiVo experience to the next level. With these commands, you can easily navigate, record, and watch your favorite shows and movies, all hands-free. Simply enable the TiVo skill on your Alexa-enabled device and start using these commands today.

#1 Navigation Commands

If you want to navigate through your TiVo menus or search for specific programs, try using these commands:

“Alexa, open TiVo.”
“Alexa, go to my shows.”
“Alexa, launch Netflix on TiVo.”
“Alexa, search for movies with Tom Hanks.”
“Alexa, browse sports on TiVo.”
“Alexa, show programs airing tonight.”
“Alexa, open the TiVo Guide.”
“Alexa, go to the TiVo Home screen.”

#2 Recording Commands

With these commands, you can easily record your favorite shows or schedule recordings for future viewing:

“Alexa, record this show.”
“Alexa, record all episodes of this show.”
“Alexa, record the next episode of this series.”
“Alexa, schedule a recording for 8 PM tomorrow.”
“Alexa, add this movie to my To-Do list.”
“Alexa, delete this recording.”

#3 Playback Commands

Use these commands to play, pause, or skip through your favorite shows or movies:

“Alexa, play this show.”
“Alexa, skip to the next episode.”
“Alexa, pause playback.”
“Alexa, resume playback.”
“Alexa, rewind 5 minutes.”
“Alexa, fast forward 10 minutes.”

#4 Device Control Commands

These commands allow you to control your TiVo device without needing a remote:

“Alexa, turn on my TiVo.”
“Alexa, turn off my TiVo.”
“Alexa, change the volume to 50%.”
“Alexa, mute the sound.”
“Alexa, switch to TiVo Mini.”
“Alexa, turn on closed captions.”

#5 Personalization Commands

Use these commands to personalize your TiVo experience and configure your settings:

“Alexa, what’s the weather like today?”
“Alexa, set a new TiVo PIN.”
“Alexa, change the TiVo background.”
“Alexa, what’s my TiVo account information?”
“Alexa, enable Parental Controls on TiVo.”
“Alexa, change the TiVo channel lineup.”

#6 Shortcuts Commands

These fast-access commands will make your life much easier:

“Alexa, go to TiVo Suggestions.”
“Alexa, make a wish list for comedies.”
“Alexa, play the most recent recordings.”
“Alexa, switch to my HD channel lineup.”
“Alexa, rewind 30 seconds.”
“Alexa, fast forward to the next chapter.”