10 Alexa Voice Command Examples for Smart TV Firestick Control

Below are some voice command examples that you can use to control your Smart TV Firestick using Alexa. These voice commands can help you navigate through your TV and access your favorite shows and movies with ease.

#1 Basic Control

“Alexa, turn on the TV.”
“Alexa, turn off the TV.”
“Alexa, mute the TV.”
“Alexa, unmute the TV.”

#2 Content Control

“Alexa, play Stranger Things on Netflix.”
“Alexa, pause the movie.”
“Alexa, resume playback.”
“Alexa, fast forward 10 minutes.”

#3 Navigation

“Alexa, go to the home screen.”
“Alexa, open Prime Video.”
“Alexa, go back.”
“Alexa, scroll down.”

#4 Volume Control

“Alexa, set the volume to 50%.”
“Alexa, increase the volume.”
“Alexa, decrease the volume.”

#5 Search

“Alexa, search for comedies.”
“Alexa, find action movies.”
“Alexa, show me TV shows for kids.”

#6 App Control

“Alexa, open Hulu.”
“Alexa, launch Disney+.”

#7 Playback Control

“Alexa, rewind 30 seconds.”
“Alexa, start from the beginning.”
“Alexa, skip to next episode.”

#8 Settings

“Alexa, turn on subtitles.”
“Alexa, change the language to Spanish.”

#9 Channel Control

“Alexa, tune to CNN.”
“Alexa, switch to ESPN.”

#10 Smart Home Integration

“Alexa, dim the lights.”
“Alexa, set the thermostat to 72 degrees.”

With these voice command examples, you can easily control your Smart TV Firestick using Alexa. Whether you want to play a specific show, adjust the volume, or navigate through different apps, Alexa can help make your TV-watching experience more convenient.