27 Philips Hue Commands for Google Assistant

Basic commands

“Find all my Hue lights.”

“Are the lights on in the kitchen?”

“Turn on all the lights.”

“Dim the lights in the hallway.”

“Brighten the kitchen lights by 20%.”

“Make my living room brighter.”

“Turn off my desk lamp.”

“Turn on gentle wake up”

“Wake me up at 7 am”

“Wake me up on weekdays at 7 am”

“Turn off gentle wake up”

“Sleep my lights”

“Wake my lights”

“Wake the lights in Brian’s room”

“Sleep the lights in Cindy’s room”

Color commands

“Turn the living room light blue.”

“Set the entryway lights to gold.”

“Make my lights lime green.”

“Set the family room lights to purple.”

“Make my bedside table lamp pink.”

“Turn the kitchen lights orange.”

Scene commands

“Set the lights in the kitchen to Energize.”

“Turn on Ocean Dawn in the living room.”

“Set Savanna Sunset in the study.”

“Turn off Honolulu in the bedroom.”

“Turn on the Autumn Gold scene in the den.”

“Set the master bedroom to the Blue Lagoon scene.”