Top Google Assistant Tasker Voice Command Examples for Easy Automation

Below are some voice command examples you can use with Google Assistant and Tasker to easily automate tasks.

#1 Basic Control

“Turn on Wi-Fi”
“Turn off Wi-Fi”
“Set brightness to 50%”
“Enable Bluetooth”
“Disable Bluetooth”

#2 Device Settings

“Change wallpaper to beach scenery”
“Set ringtone to ‘Sunflower'”
“Activate silent mode”
“Change display timeout to 1 minute”
“Turn on do not disturb”

#3 App Control

“Open Spotify and play my workout playlist”
“Close all running apps”
“Pause music player”
“Launch Google Maps and navigate to work”
“Take a selfie with the front camera”

#4 Communication

“Send a text message to Mom saying I’ll be home late”
“Call John Smith”
“Send an email to boss with the subject ‘Meeting Agenda'”
“Read my latest WhatsApp message”
“Find my phone”

#5 Automation Tasks

“Start work mode”
“Set up a reminder for 7 PM”
“Run automation script for morning routine”
“Toggle airplane mode”
“Turn on location services”

#6 Smart Home Devices

“Turn on living room lights”
“Set thermostat to 72 degrees”
“Lock the front door”
“Play a rain soundscape on the bedroom speaker”
“Turn on the coffee maker”