Bixby Quick Commands: Voice Control Examples

Below are some voice command examples that you can use with Bixby Quick Commands, the feature introduced on Samsung devices that allows users to set up and customize their own commands. With Bixby Quick Commands, you can save time and simplify your daily tasks by automating certain actions or requesting specific information. From sending a message to playing your favorite playlist, the possibilities are endless. Here are some examples of what you can do with Bixby Quick Commands:

#1 Communication

“Send a text message to Mom”
“Call John”
“Show me my missed calls”
“Read my latest email”
“Set up a meeting with the team tomorrow at 10am”

#2 Entertainment

“Play my workout playlist”
“Shuffle my music”
“Search for funny cat videos on YouTube”
“Open Netflix and play Stranger Things”
“Turn on the TV and switch to ESPN”

#3 Productivity

“Set a timer for 30 minutes”
“Remind me to buy groceries at 4pm”
“Open Trello and create a new task”
“Show me my to-do list”
“Send an email to the boss with the monthly report attached”

#4 Navigation

“Navigate to the nearest gas station”
“Show me the way to the airport”
“Set my home address as a favorite location”
“Find the closest ATM”
“Give me directions to the movie theater”

#5 Device Control

“Set the brightness to 50%”
“Turn on silent mode”
“Open the camera”
“Lock my device”
“Take a screenshot”

#6 Weather

“What’s the weather like tomorrow?”
“Will it rain this afternoon?”
“What’s the temperature in New York?”
“Do I need an umbrella today?”
“Show me the weather forecast for the week”