Top Alexa Commands: UK Users Speak Up

Below are some voice command examples for UK users to make the most out of their Alexa device. With Alexa, you can easily set a reminder, ask for the latest news, play music, control your smart home devices and more. Whether you’re at home or on the go, Alexa is always there to assist you.

#1 Music Commands

“Play some music by Adele”
“Play the latest chart hits”
“Play some jazz music”
“Skip this song”
“Set the volume to five”

#2 News and Information Commands

“What’s in the news today?”
“Tell me a joke”
“Who won the latest football match?”
“What’s the weather like in London?”
“Define the word ‘serendipity’”

#3 Smart Home Commands

“Turn on the lights”
“Set the thermostat to 22 degrees”
“Lock the front door”
“Dim the bedroom lights”
“Start the coffee machine”

#4 Reminder Commands

“Remind me to water the plants at 5pm”
“Set a reminder for tomorrow at 9am”
“Remind me to buy milk when I’m near a Tesco store”
“Cancel all my reminders for today”
“Remind me to call mum every Saturday at 11am”

#5 Shopping Commands

“Order some toilet paper”
“What deals are available on Amazon today?”
“Re-order my favourite shampoo”
“Add eggs to my shopping list”
“Track my Amazon order”

#6 Fun and Games Commands

“Let’s play a game”
“Tell me a bedtime story”
“Read me an inspiring quote”
“Sing me a nursery rhyme”
“Tell me about your favourite movie”