Superb ChatGPT Prompt for Letter of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation are crucial for students and employees seeking new opportunities. A well-written letter can make all the difference in highlighting someone’s skills, achievements, and potential.

However, writing personalized and compelling recommendation letters takes time. This is where AI writing assistants like ChatGPT can help.

How ChatGPT Can Assist with Recommendation Letters

Here are some of the key ways ChatGPT can support the recommendation letter writing process:

Automated Drafting

Instead of starting from a blank page, you can prompt ChatGPT to generate a draft letter incorporating key details about the candidate.

For example:

Write a draft letter of recommendation for my student Anna. She is applying to study Computer Science at Stanford University. I have taught Anna for 2 years in AP Computer Science, where she earned top marks. Anna led a team project developing an app to help new students adjust to our school. She is passionate about increasing diversity in tech and volunteers to teach coding to middle school girls.

Data Organization

ChatGPT can help compile and structure all the relevant details on a candidate across academics, extracurriculars, and personal attributes. This ensures no key information gets missed.

Quality and Consistency

The AI tool can ensure consistency across multiple letters for different candidates. It also assists with style and formatting for error-free, high-quality letters.


While ChatGPT generates the draft, you can add personal anecdotes and customize the tone for each letter. This adds authenticity.

Ethical Usage of AI Writing Assistants

When leveraging ChatGPT for recommendation letters, keep these ethical considerations in mind:

  • Privacy: Safeguard sensitive student data
  • Transparency: Disclose AI usage to students
  • Accountability: Personally review and edit final letters before sending
  • Authenticity: Customize tone and include personal insights

The AI should enhance, not replace, the uniquely human touch in recommendation writing.

ChatGPT Prompts to Get Started


Here are some sample prompts to utilize ChatGPT’s capabilities for your next letter:

1. Basic Letter Template

Provide a recommendation letter template for an undergraduate college applicant. Include placeholders for the applicant's name, achievements, qualifications, and the relationship with letter writer. Use formal language.

ChatGPT will generate a generic template you can easily customize for each student.

2. Role-Specific Letter

Write a draft recommendation letter for my student Anna who is applying for a summer internship at a machine learning startup. She was in my data science elective course and led a top-scoring group project on predictive analytics. Focus the letter on demonstrating her skills in coding, statistics, and communication specifically relevant for a machine learning engineer role.  

Tailor the letter to the applicant’s target job or opportunity type.

3. Scholarship Letter

Generate a recommendation letter draft for my student Raj who is applying for the Chang Leadership Scholarship at our university. Raj led the student government technology committee, increased voter turnout, and spearheaded a campus sustainability initiative. Emphasize his public service experience and leadership impact in student organizations. Use examples that convey his passion for social change.

Adjust the letter content based on scholarship criteria.

Tips for Using ChatGPT Effectively


Follow these best practices to get the most out of ChatGPT for writing recommendations:

  • Provide sufficient background details on the applicant to enable personalization
  • Set the desired tone and format expectations clearly in the prompt
  • Review and edit the draft prior to sending to ensure quality control
  • Customize each letter by incorporating unique stories and achievements

The Future of AI in Recommendation Writing


AI writing assistants have incredible potential to add efficiency, consistency, and personalization to the process of crafting standout recommendation letters.

As the technology continues advancing, AI can help recommenders provide stronger support and insights to give applicants an edge. However, human review and editing will remain essential to uphold ethical standards.

By embracing AI as an enhancing tool, not a replacement, recommenders can spend less time on drafting and more on mentoring outstanding candidates.

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