Stable Diffusion Prompt Options

When creating AI-generated images with Stable Diffusion, the text prompts you provide are crucial for guiding the model to produce the desired output. As an aspiring prompt engineer, crafting effective prompts is an art that requires experimentation, creativity, and attention to detail.

In this article, I’ll share my personal tips and real-world examples for writing better Stable Diffusion prompts based on my experience. My goal is to showcase expertise in prompt engineering to help others generate stunning AI art.

Keyword Categories


When writing Stable Diffusion prompts, it helps to think about keywords in different categories:

Subject Matter

This describes the main focus of the image. For example:

  • A close-up portrait of a girl
  • A still life painting with fruit
  • An astronaut repairing a spaceship

Style / Medium

This indicates the artistic style or medium to use. Some examples:

  • Oil painting
  • Pen and ink drawing
  • Vector art
  • Low poly


Extra descriptive details to add specificity. For instance:

  • Wearing a blue dress
  • With an apple, orange, and bananas
  • Backdropped by a purple nebula


Keywords that denote technical quality:

  • High resolution
  • Depth of field
  • Cinematic lighting
  • Vibrant colors

Composing Effective Prompts


When writing a prompt, I structure it with the keyword categories in mind.

Here is an example prompt:

A high resolution oil painting portrait of a beautiful young girl with long blonde hair, wearing a blue dress, looking into the distance with a soft smile on her face. Depth of field, cinematic lighting, vibrant colors.

Let’s break this prompt down:

  • Subject: Portrait of a young girl
  • Style: Oil painting
  • Details: Blonde hair, blue dress, soft smile, looking into distance
  • Quality: High resolution, depth of field, cinematic lighting, vibrant colors


Follow these prompt writing guidelines:

  • Start general then get more specific
  • Use active voice and strong verbs
  • Add sensory details like textures, colors, lighting
  • Specify a clear focal point with emphasis keywords like “focused”, “centered on”, etc.
  • Limit prompts to ~75-100 tokens (words)

Advanced Techniques


Take your prompts to the next level with these advanced tactics:

Style Transfer

Blend different artistic styles in one prompt:

A girl in anime style wearing traditional Ukrainian clothing in the art style of Van Gogh’s oil paintings

Text Overlay

Add readable text to the image:

A graffiti mural that says “Create the future” in a bold red script font

Text Wrapping

Wrap text around objects:

A logo in the shape of a sphere with the company name arching over it

Prompt Weighting

Use colons to weight prompt components and guide the AI:

A still life painting of fruit :80% weight, in the vivid and textured style of Cezanne:20% weight

Real-World Examples


Let’s look at some full prompts for generating different types of images:

Portrait Photography

A beautiful high resolution photograph of a young woman with long dark hair blowing lightly in the wind, wearing a white lace dress. She is looking into the distance with a small smile, standing in a field of vibrant yellow flowers. Soft focus, shallow depth of field


Woman portrait example

Pop Art Style Landscape

A pop art style digital painting of a vibrant pink and blue city skyline, with a futuristic neon look. The focal point is a central skyscraper with a holographic advertisement display. Bold outlines, high contrast, bright and saturated colors.


Pop art cityscape

Text Wrapping Effect

A sphere shaped like planet earth with topographic texture details. Wrapped around the sphere is text reading “The Pale Blue Dot” in a simple sans serif font. Earth is shown illuminated with rays of light emanating from behind.


Earth text wrap

Helpful Resources


By following these examples and techniques, you can become an expert at crafting prompts that produce jaw-dropping AI-generated art using Stable Diffusion. With practice, you’ll develop creative prompts tailored to your unique artistic vision.