Stable Diffusion Prompt to Get a Full Body Image

Stable Diffusion is a powerful AI image generator that can create stunning visuals from text prompts. However, generating full body images can be challenging as the model often defaults to portrait style images. Here are some tips and prompt examples to help you reliably generate full body portraits with Stable Diffusion:

Use Explicit Full Body Keywords

Simply adding “full body” or “full figure” to your prompt signals to the AI to zoom out and show the entire body. For example:

A full body portrait of a wizard casting a spell, trending on ArtStation

You can also explicitly ask to see parts of the body like legs, arms, feet etc:

A tall elf ranger standing holding a bow, wearing a green cloak, leather armor, and boots

Describe Clothing and Poses

Mentioning specific clothing items that cover large parts of the body makes it more likely for the AI to depict those areas. Prompts like gowns, capes and armor pieces often lead to better full body generation.


An astronaut in a white space suit floating in space with the Earth behind her

Poses like sitting, standing and walking also help frame full body shots.

Use Landscape Image Dimensions

Switching to a wider aspect ratio signals the AI to zoom out for more space. Common landscape dimensions like 1024×512 or 1280×640 work much better than squares.

Fix Common Issues

  • Strange distortions in legs and feet – Explicitly add boots, shoes or leg details
  • Missing body parts – Call out arms, shoulders, legs etc in the prompt
  • Zoomed in face – Use full body pose keywords, reduce facial details
  • Body cut off at knees or waist – Increase image height

Prompt Examples for Full Body Images

Here are some full prompt examples that can generate great full body portraits with Stable Diffusion:

Fantasy Character Full Body

An elf archer taking aim with a carved bow, wearing a cloak and leather armor. Full body portrait standing in a mystical forest with sunlight streaming through the trees. Extremely detailed digital painting, sharp focus, vibrant colors, by Greg Rutkowski and Alphonse Mucha 

Astronaut Full Body

A full body portrait of a female astronaut floating weightlessly high above the Earth, Space shuttle and galaxies visible in the starry background. Extremely detailed digital painting, sharp focus, vibrant colors, by Greg Rutkowski and NASA

Superhero Full Body

Movie poster of a powerful female superhero flying over a futuristic city, red cape flowing, full body shot. Extremely detailed digital matte painting, sharp focus, vibrant colors, by Greg Rutkowski and Alex Ross


With the right prompts, Stable Diffusion can generate stunning full body images of people, characters and more. Use explicit full body and clothing keywords, landscape aspect ratios, and tweak your prompts to fix any missing body parts. Refer to the examples above to craft effective prompts that can unlock the full potential of AI image generation.

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