Reddit Tips for Stable Diffusion Prompts

Focus on the Subject First

When writing Stable Diffusion prompts, it’s important to clearly define the subject in simple terms first before adding any descriptors or styles. For example, “a photo of a cat wearing a hat”. This helps the AI understand the key element to generate.

Complex prompts can confuse the AI, so keep the subject definition clear. Build up complexity around that base subject description.

Use Styles and Descriptors Thoughtfully

While it’s tempting to include many descriptors and styles, too much detail can make prompts unwieldy. Be selective with additional elements. For example, instead of “a beautiful majestic white Siberian husky with blue eyes” try “a husky with bright blue eyes”.

When adding styles and details, use common vocabulary the AI recognizes. For example, “impressionist” rather than “allegorical style”. Test how words affect output to build an intuition.

Provide Useful Reference Images

Including 2-4 high-quality reference images demonstrating the style, subject, lighting, framing etc you want significantly improves results. References “teach” the AI the elements you can’t convey textually.

Avoid references with multiple subjects – the AI can get confused on what to focus on. References should reinforce your textual prompt.

Use Simple Language

Write prompts conversationally using common vocabulary. Avoid complex linguistic flourishes – the AI responds better to simple, clear language. For example, “a still life painting by Matisse featuring vibrant fruit” rather than more ornate descriptions.

Let the AI add the complexity and artistry!

Guide the Composition

Adding compositional guidance like “cinematic wide landscape crop” or “centered symmetrical framing” gives useful direction to the AI without being overly prescriptive. This helps make outputs more usable.

You can also provide color palettes to influence composition and style.

Test and Iterate

Prompt crafting is an iterative process. Test elements methodically to understand what works. Introduce one new aspect at a time to isolate its impact.

Maintain notes on effective phrases, styles etc. to reuse elements from your best prompts. Build up a library of prompt “building blocks” over time.

Prompt Formatting Tips

  • Separate key elements with commas or line breaks
  • Use quotation marks to group related descriptor phrases
  • Put references on their own lines separated by commas
  • Use parentheses for optional elements or guidance
  • Break very long prompts over multiple lines for clarity

Well-structured prompts help the AI grasp the key directions and relationships between elements. Use formatting to provide that structure.

Useful Prompt Crafting Resources

Hope these tips help you craft better Stable Diffusion prompts! Let me know if you have any other questions.