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When working with AI image generation tools like Stable Diffusion, using the right prompts is crucial for getting good results. Prompts act as instructions that tell the AI what type of image you want it to generate. Crafting effective prompts is an art that takes practice, but having some prompt examples to work from can help you learn.

In this article, I’ll share some of my favorite Stable Diffusion prompt examples and techniques to help you generate better AI art.

Why Prompts Matter

Prompts work by giving the AI model information about the content, style, and composition of the image you want. The more detailed your prompt, the better the AI will understand what you’re asking for.

Some key things that good prompts include:

  • Subject matter – What is the main focus of the image? A person, an animal, a landscape? Be specific.
  • Artistic style – Do you want it to mimic a certain painter or art movement? Specify the style.
  • Lighting – Note things like the time of day and desired mood.
  • Composition – How is the subject positioned? Close-up or full scene?

Helpful Prompt Writing Tips


Here are some tips to write better Stable Diffusion prompts:

Use Specific Keywords

Mention distinct visual details like “red hair“, “green eyes“, and “leather jacket” rather than just “woman”.

Reference Artistic Styles

Name a specific artist or movement like “impressionist landscape” or “Picasso’s blue period“.

Set the Scene

Establish lighting, mood, setting details like “sunrise“, “serene“, “rocky terrain“.

Iteratively Improve

Start general then add details until you get the desired result.

My Favorite Stable Diffusion Prompts


Here are some of my go-to prompts that generate great results:

Fantasy Character Portrait

An intimate portrait of a female elf mage with long silver hair, pointed ears, glowing purple eyes, and intricate fantasy armor, digital art trending on artstation 

This prompt works well because:

  • It establishes the subject matter very clearly – a female elf mage
  • Artistic details like long silver hair, pointed ears, and purple eyes make the character distinctive
  • Specifying “intimate portrait” and “digital art trending on artstation” gives artistic direction

Futuristic Neon Cityscape

A wide-angle night shot of a vibrant futuristic city with towering neon skyscrapers, flying cars, and bright holograms, cinematic cyberpunk digital art

Why this prompt shines:

  • Strongly sets the scene as a futuristic city with specific details like neon skyscrapers and flying cars
  • Cyberpunk style cue gives it a distinct high-tech aesthetic
  • Specifying a cinematic wide-angle night shot defines the desired composition and lighting

Impressionist Landscape Painting

An impressionist style landscape digital painting of a vibrant purple sunset over a lake surrounded by tall trees with golden leaves, in the style of Monet

What makes this prompt work:

  • Clearly establishes an impressionist landscape painting as the desired art style
  • Good details on the specific landscape – lake, tall trees, golden leaves, and purple sunset
  • Name-dropping Monet gives further artistic direction

Prompt Websites


Here are some great sites for finding more Stable Diffusion prompts:


Searchable database of top community prompts.


Browse prompts for different styles and subjects. Submit your own!

Stable Diffusion Subreddit

See prompts people are sharing in the SD community.

The key is to study prompts that work well and model your own after quality examples. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Crafting the perfect prompt takes practice, but it’s an enjoyable creative process.