Siri Calendar Commands: Voice Control for Efficient Scheduling

Managing a busy schedule can be a challenge, but with Siri Calendar Commands, voice control can make scheduling much easier and efficient. Below are some examples of voice commands you can use to quickly add appointments, set reminders, and navigate your calendar without ever lifting a finger.

#1 Adding Events

“Schedule a meeting with John at 3pm on Friday”
“Add a doctor’s appointment for Tuesday at 9am”
“Set up a lunch with Sarah next Wednesday at noon”
“Add a workout session for tomorrow at 6pm”
“Create a dinner reservation for Friday at 7pm”

#2 Editing Events

“Change the time of my dentist appointment to 2pm”
“Shift my meeting with Tom from Tuesday to Wednesday”
“Reschedule my hair salon appointment to next Friday”
“Update the location of my lunch with Jane to her office”
“Push back my yoga class by 30 minutes”

#3 Checking Availability

“What’s my schedule like on Monday?”
“When is my next available time slot on Friday?”
“Can I fit a dentist appointment in between 10am and noon on Wednesday?”
“Is there any time available next week for a haircut?”
“Show me my schedule for the next two days”

#4 Setting Reminders

“Remind me to take my medication at 9am every day”
“Set a reminder to call Jim at 2pm on Monday”
“Remind me to submit my expense report by Friday”
“Set an alert for my doctor’s appointment 30 minutes before the start time”
“Remind me to water my plants every Sunday at noon”

#5 Navigation

“What’s on my calendar for tomorrow?”
“Find an available time slot for a meeting with the marketing team”
“Open my calendar for next Thursday”
“Create a new calendar entry for next Friday”
“Show me all the events I have scheduled for next month”