Master Alexa with These Proven Podcast Voice Commands

If you are a podcast enthusiast, then you probably love tuning in to your favorite shows on a regular basis. Fortunately, with Master Alexa and its voice commands, you no longer have to lift a finger to manage your podcasts. Here are some proven voice command examples that you can use to make your podcast listening experience even more hands-free and convenient.

#1 Play, Pause, and Resume:

“Alexa, play my podcast”
“Alexa, pause my podcast”
“Alexa, resume my podcast”

#2 Go to Specific Episode:

“Alexa, play the latest episode of my podcast”
“Alexa, play the first episode of my podcast”
“Alexa, play the third episode of my podcast”

#3 Browse by Category:

“Alexa, show me sports podcasts”
“Alexa, show me comedy podcasts”
“Alexa, show me true crime podcasts”

#4 Control Playback:

“Alexa, fast forward 30 seconds”
“Alexa, rewind 15 seconds”
“Alexa, skip to the next episode”

#5 Adjust Volume:

“Alexa, turn the volume up”
“Alexa, turn the volume down”
“Alexa, set volume to 50%”

#6 Add to Queue:

“Alexa, add this episode to my queue”
“Alexa, add this podcast to my queue”
“Alexa, add all episodes to my queue”

#7 Change Playback Speed:

“Alexa, play at 1.5x speed”
“Alexa, play at normal speed”
“Alexa, play at half speed”

#8 Get Information:

“Alexa, what’s the name of this podcast episode?”
“Alexa, who’s the guest on this podcast?”
“Alexa, what’s the rating of this podcast?”

#9 Shuffle Episodes:

“Alexa, shuffle my podcast episodes”
“Alexa, play a random episode of my podcast”
“Alexa, shuffle all my podcasts”

With these voice command examples, you can take control of your podcast listening experience like never before. Whether you’re browsing by category, adjusting volumes or shuffling episodes, Master Alexa is the ultimate personal assistant for your podcast needs. So sit back, relax, and enjoy your favorite shows with just the sound of your voice.