Voice Command Examples: Turning Your PC into a Siri-Like Assistant

Are you tired of typing and navigating through your PC? With voice command technology, you can now turn your PC into a Siri-like assistant, allowing you to control your computer with just your voice. Below are some voice command examples that you can use to make your PC experience more seamless and convenient.

#1 Basic Navigation

“Open Google Chrome.”
“Close this window.”
“Switch to Microsoft Word.”
“Minimize all windows.”
“Go to desktop.”

#2 File Management

“Open the Documents folder.”
“Create a new folder.”
“Rename this file.”
“Delete this folder.”
“Copy this file to the desktop.”

#3 Application Control

“Launch Spotify.”
“Play my playlist on Spotify.”
“Pause the music.”
“Open Adobe Photoshop.”
“Print this document.”

#4 System Settings

“Increase the volume.”
“Turn on Bluetooth.”
“Restart the computer.”
“Shut down the PC.”
“Open the Control Panel.”

#5 Web Browsing

“Go to www.example.com.”
“Search for ‘best restaurants near me’.”
“Open a new tab.”
“Scroll down.”
“Bookmark this page.”

#6 Email Management

“Open my inbox.”
“Compose a new email.”
“Send a message to John Smith.”
“Delete this email.”
“Mark this email as important.”

#7 Calendar and Reminders

“Add an event to my calendar.”
“Remind me to call Mom at 3 pm.”
“Show my schedule for today.”
“Set a reminder for tomorrow.”
“Cancel the meeting on Friday.”

#8 Language Translation

“Translate ‘hello’ to Spanish.”
“How do you say ‘thank you’ in French?”
“What does ‘bonjour’ mean in English?”
“Translate this paragraph to German.”
“Speak in Italian.”

#9 Note Taking

“Open my notes app.”
“Create a new note.”
“Delete this note.”
“Read my latest note.”
“Set a reminder for my to-do list.”