Simple Voice Commands for Dish Hopper: Alexa Examples

Below you will find a collection of voice command examples for the Simple Voice Commands for Dish Hopper: Alexa Examples. With the ability to control your Dish Hopper device using just your voice, these commands allow for a seamless and hands-free experience. Whether you want to change the channel, record a show, or find a specific program, Alexa has got you covered. Simply activate your Alexa device and try out these voice commands to enhance your Dish Hopper experience. Enjoy the convenience and ease of controlling your entertainment with just a few simple words.

#1 Channel Control

“Alexa, change the channel to ESPN.”
“Alexa, go to channel 110.”
“Alexa, switch to CNN.”

#2 Recording

“Alexa, record the current show.”
“Alexa, schedule a recording for ‘Game of Thrones.'”
“Alexa, cancel the recording for tonight.”

#3 Playback Control

“Alexa, pause the TV.”
“Alexa, rewind 10 minutes.”
“Alexa, fast forward.”

#4 Program Search

“Alexa, find comedies.”
“Alexa, search for ‘Friends’.”
“Alexa, what action movies are playing?”

#5 Sports

“Alexa, show me the NBA schedule.”
“Alexa, search for football games.”
“Alexa, what channel is the Super Bowl on?”

#6 Parental Controls

“Alexa, enable parental controls.”
“Alexa, set up a PIN for restricted content.”
“Alexa, restrict TV shows with a rating above PG-13.”

#7 On Demand

“Alexa, play the latest episode of ‘The Big Bang Theory’.”
“Alexa, show me movies on demand.”
“Alexa, watch the next episode of ‘Stranger Things’.”

#8 Music Channels

“Alexa, play SiriusXM channel 80.”
“Alexa, switch to classical music.”
“Alexa, find jazz radio stations.”

#9 Troubleshooting

“Alexa, restart my Dish Hopper.”
“Alexa, check my internet connection.”
“Alexa, why is my TV screen black?”

#10 Settings

“Alexa, change the audio language.”
“Alexa, adjust the volume.”
“Alexa, switch to high definition.”

#11 Dish Anywhere

“Alexa, show me my Dish Anywhere recordings.”
“Alexa, play my DVR recordings on my phone.”
“Alexa, pause the movie on Dish Anywhere.”

#12 Multi-Room

“Alexa, play the movie in the living room.”
“Alexa, switch to the kitchen TV.”
“Alexa, sync the audio with the bedroom TV.”

#13 Weather

“Alexa, what’s the weather forecast for tomorrow?”
“Alexa, will it rain today?”
“Alexa, do I need an umbrella?”

#14 Calendar and Reminders

“Alexa, what’s on my calendar?”
“Alexa, remind me to watch my favorite show tonight.”
“Alexa, cancel my 4 PM recording.”

#15 Voice Navigation

“Alexa, go back to the previous screen.”
“Alexa, scroll down.”
“Alexa, select option number three.”