Roku Voice Commands: Easy Alexa Examples

If you’re a Roku user, voice commands can make your streaming experience even more convenient. With the easy Alexa examples we have compiled, you’ll be able to navigate Roku’s interface and control your favorite shows and movies without ever touching a remote. Below are some voice command examples you can use with Alexa to enhance your Roku experience.

#1 Navigation Commands

“Go home.”

“Go back.”

“Show me the menu.”

“Open the Roku channel store.”

“Open Netflix.”

#2 Playback Commands








#3 Volume and Audio Commands

“Turn up the volume.”

“Turn down the volume.”



“Subtitles on.”

“Subtitles off.”

#4 Search Commands

“Search for comedies.”

“Search for The Office.”

“Search for movies starring Tom Hanks.”

“Search for movies released in 2020.”

#5 Channel-Specific Commands

“Play The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu.”

“Open the ESPN app.”

“Play a show on HBO Max.”

“Launch the Apple TV app.”

#6 Generic Commands

“Show me my watchlist.”

“What’s new on Roku?”

“Tell me a joke.”

“How do I find my settings?”

“Help me, Alexa!”