Mastering Google Assistant Voice Commands for Android TV 8.1

Are you looking to take full advantage of the Google Assistant voice commands on your Android TV 8.1? Look no further! Below are some examples of voice commands you can use to master the Google Assistant on your Android TV 8.1. Whether you want to control your TV, search for content, or adjust settings, mastering the Google Assistant voice commands will enhance your overall TV experience.

Basic TV Control

“Turn on the TV.”
“Turn off the TV.”
“Volume up.”
“Volume down.”
“Change channel to ESPN.”

Content Search

“Find action movies.”
“Search for ‘The Office’.”
“Play ‘Stranger Things’.”
“Show me popular TV shows.”
“Find movies with Tom Hanks.”

Playback Control

“Rewind 30 seconds.”
“Fast forward 10 minutes.”
“Skip to next episode.”

Weather and News

“What’s the weather today?”
“Show me the news.”
“What’s the latest sports news?”
“Will it rain tomorrow?”
“Give me the latest headlines.”

Device Settings

“Set screen brightness to 70%.”
“Turn on the ambient mode.”
“Change language to Spanish.”
“Open settings.”
“Connect to Wi-Fi network.”

Smart Home Integration

“Dim the lights.”
“Set the thermostat to 72 degrees.”
“Lock the front door.”
“Turn on the coffee maker.”
“Ask about my schedule for today.”

Voice Assistant Control

“Turn off the microphone.”
“Change voice match settings.”
“Change assistant language.”
“Access voice settings.”
“Teach me a new voice command.”