10 JuiceBox Alexa Commands for Easy Voice Control

Are you looking for a convenient way to control your JuiceBox smart home device? Utilizing Alexa commands can make it easier than ever to manage your JuiceBox with just your voice. Below are some voice command examples you can use to control your JuiceBox using Alexa.

Charging Control

“Alexa, ask JuiceBox to start charging my car.”
“Alexa, ask JuiceBox to stop charging my car.”

Energy Monitoring

“Alexa, ask JuiceBox for my current charging status.”
“Alexa, ask JuiceBox for my charging history.”

Power Management

“Alexa, ask JuiceBox to set power limit to 20 amps.”
“Alexa, ask JuiceBox to reduce power output to 50%.”


“Alexa, ask JuiceBox to schedule charging for 8am tomorrow.”
“Alexa, ask JuiceBox to cancel the current charging schedule.”


“Alexa, ask JuiceBox to notify me when charging is complete.”
“Alexa, ask JuiceBox to alert me if there’s a charging issue.”

User Management

“Alexa, ask JuiceBox to add a new user to the account.”
“Alexa, ask JuiceBox to remove a user from the account.”

Energy Costs

“Alexa, ask JuiceBox to calculate my current energy costs for charging.”
“Alexa, ask JuiceBox to estimate my monthly charging expenses.”

Remote Access

“Alexa, ask JuiceBox to check if my car is currently charging.”
“Alexa, ask JuiceBox to start charging while I’m away from home.”

Voice Control Settings

“Alexa, tell JuiceBox to change the voice command activation phrase.”
“Alexa, ask JuiceBox for available voice command options.”

System Diagnostics

“Alexa, ask JuiceBox to run a diagnostic check on the charging system.”
“Alexa, ask JuiceBox for any error messages or warnings.”